Hello, thanks for stopping by! My name is Becks and I am a designer of all things stationery!

So, a little bit about me!

I have a degree in Illustration and I love Dolly Parton. What else do you need to know!?…Ok, so, I started my career as a greeting card designer straight out of uni, and what a dream come true that was! I played around with glitter and foil all day, I doodled, I painted, I created and all the while I was being paid to do it!! Heaven!

I then went one better and became an illustrator for a digital crafting company, illustrating all the different little elements people would download and use to make beautiful cards, scrapbooks and stationery.

After a few years, myself and my husband had a few children and things changed quite a lot! Freelancing was where life took me and that is where I find myself today, creating beautiful stationery for weddings, parties and events.

Paper Olive is named after my youngest daughter, Olive. Both of my little girls are my inspiration. My eldest daughter, Elodie, has a credit too as I also produce prints and greetings cards from my sister company – Elodie Bee Designs.